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Today I Learned For Programmers

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Learn something new? Wanna share? Post here along with the language/framework you learned it in.

This is a great place for novice and advanced programmers alike to come and discover all the interesting things they could learn tomorrow

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  Learn something about technology? Post it on r/technologytil

Learn something about real life or something not programming? Post it on the original /r/todayilearned


  1. TIL posts should be made in the following format:

>[programming language] TIL rest of post...

If you don't you'll need to flair your post manually.

  1. Refrain from putting two languages in between the brackets in the title.

  2. Don't post suggestion threads, message the moderators instead.

  3. This isn't an AskProgrammers sub, ask questions on /r/learnprogramming

  4. Don't use the code as the title.



  1. Try not to post vague titles, if possible, provide the name of the feature in the title so people aren't clicking on your post because of "this fast and clever way to do x" that they already knew but didn't realize it's what you where going to show.

  2. Don't criticize posts because they're "too obvious", not everyone here is a level 100 master champion Assembly programmer that made their own OS from scratch.

  3. General programming TILs should be tagged with [General].

  4. Be nice to your fellow programmers. :)

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