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  1. Keep discussion related to the canvas and the pxls project as a whole.
  2. No hate speech. Not debatable. See here for a more detailed definition of hate speech:

2b. Keep discussions civil, especially disagreements.

  1. Do not spam posts or advertise.
  2. Canvas guidelines apply and no canvas banned content is allowed in the subreddit.

Canvas guidelines

  1. No hateful imagery or derogatory speech. This includes but is not limited to words such as faggot, nigger, etc; as well as the Swastika, and any symbols of terrorism.
  2. No nudity on the canvas. The general rating for artwork is PG-13.
  3. No more than one account per user, no exceptions. Multiple account users will be banned from creating art on the canvas.
  4. No auto-placement tools of any kind, you must place the pixels manually.

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If you have any issues, concerns or questions you may reach the staff at or by joining the discord server and @mentioning or direct messaging any online team member.

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/r/GnBP - Gender and Body Positivity Faction

/r/autumnlattice - The Autumn Lattice

Don't see your subreddit here? Message /u/SuperTeaLove or another subreddit moderator If you would like to have your faction's subreddit added to the sidebar and your request will be reviewed for addition. :)

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