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The workshop Santa never told you about... (/r/RandomActsOfChristmas)
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If you are looking for some random holiday cheer, you are in the right spot! Requests for 2013 are now closed.

/r/RandomActsofChristmas is a place where families can request assistance for their children at Christmas or offer assistance to those in need! From start to finish, the photos tell the stories of each Christmas that was graced with a Santa from RAOC. Welcome to the most holiday spirited subreddit there is!

Registration and requests are now over for the season. If Santas care to make last minute offers - that is most certainly still going on, and requesting parties may respond to these offers! However, if you are here to receive assistance, come back Nov 1, 2014 for another amazing year at RAOC.

2012 brought in over $57,110 in gifts to children in need and 2013 is looking bright!

The Countdown to Christmas!

Please read the sidebar rules below below before posting a request. Failure to do so will result in your post being removed!


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If you have any questions or concerns, simply message the moderators!

RAOC Slideshows

2011 - A video by r/assistance

2012 - A video by /u/Jenners

2012 - A video by /u/pookie85

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