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RAOM. Pairing people and pussies

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Calling Connoisseurs of Cunnilingus


Going down on girls is fun; having your pussy eaten is like nothing else - and every time is different.

If you have an urge but not a partner (or maybe need extra partners), then RAoM is here to help. We're about matching horny people specifically for the act of cunnilingus - oral stimulation of a lady's private parts - vulva, clitoris, and vagina.

Beyond novelty, those who go down can enjoy providing a uniquely satisfying pleasure, and the grateful reactions of the woman on their tongue.

Women on the receiving end obviously enjoy the opportunity to lie back and relax while someone else focuses on their pleasure.

Where to start

First, . SEARCH for your city to see who's near you. If you see something that appeals, reply or send them a PM. Understand that not everyone will check their messages frequently, so you might like to make a post of your own.

Search: [F4M], [M4F], [F4F], [Success] stories

Rules for posts

No phone numbers or usernames for other services, e.g. Skype etc. in posts or comments.

Looking for inspiration?

> /r/Cunnilingus might appeal.

> See what the men of reddit have to offer at /r/LadyBonersGW, and check out the girls at /r/GoneWild, /r/GoneWildCurvy, and /r/GoneWildPlus - or, if a real eyeful will make you want a mouthful, check out /r/pussy!

> Or if you're really feeling it, try a random NSFW reddit.

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We are an accepting adults-only community based around a shared interest. Anti-social, illegal or under-age activity will be deleted and you may be banned without notification. This is your warning. No "trading" of any kind, except offers of reciprocation, of course. Downvoting is for idiots.

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