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Pizza is love, Pizza is life

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Do not PM or directly ask people for pizza, make a public post. You'll be banned! Givers don't respond, report them to the mods

Be kind, give pizza.

Requestors only accept an offer from one person. If more than one person contacts you, let them know you've been helped out.





Current Coupon Codes local to your area Papa Johns and Domino's in the US @

Discounts for Domino's in Canada @

Send to Canada by using OR e-card from Boston Pizza

Send to UK by using

Send to Switzerland using

Send to Belgium using


locations worldwide:

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If you are wanting to help a requester out; we suggest you send the OP a PM. Once you've made contact with them, post in their thread.

There are people lurking and once a giver writes "PM me" they quickly make an account with a similar name to try to gain the pizza instead of the poster. So PM the OP

RULES: (hover for more details)

  • You must have an account that is at least 1 month old and active with at least 300 karma when making a request.
  • Any requests from brand new accounts or older inactive accounts will be removed, your account MUST be at least a month old AND ACTIVE to make a request.

  • Update your threads.
  • If you do receive pizza please take the time to edit your thread and change the tag to [Pizza received]. please take the time to thank your giver. Message the mods so we can assign flair. Receivers, do not hide your flair; it will result in a ban from the sub

  • Do not spam the board.
  • Please limit your requests to once a week (7 days from the time you posted the initial request, not the new start of a week) Don't delete and repost the next day, you'll be banned. 1 request a week (7 days) regardless of outcome. You are limited to 2 successful hook-ups in a 30 day period if you need more help than this, this sub isn't for you we're not meant to be used as a long term solution

  • You are allowed to barter.
  • Let's say you offer a pic of yourself doing a handstand for a pizza. JUST DON'T OFFER MONEY!!

  • Keep the subreddit safe for work!
  • While you are allowed to offer NSFW pics for pizza, please make sure to post your rewards to gonewild and not here. Also, only ask for NSFW trades from those who say they'd be down for that.

  • No spamming!
  • Either ask or offer pizza.
  • Everything else is not desired. We are NOT a need based community, anyone can request pizza for any reason, sob stories not required. If you don't like or agree with a request, back click out, don't be ignorant to the poster.


A green present is for those that have received and pizza slice for those who give. Receivers, do not hide your flair; it will result in a ban from our subreddit

When Requesting a Pizza:

please post as much information as possible to make it easier for a giver to assist you. Post your location (not physical addy), how many people you're needing to feed (adults, kids) and which pizza chain is closest to you

When someone contacts you to help, please provide them with your email address in PM, how many they'll be feeding and which chain you want the e-card from (US Only, as e-cards are only valid in the states)

Providing this information to make it possible for them to assist you quickly without having to wait on replies and further information.

How to Give Pizza:

Within the US, the easiest option to help someone, is getting the their email address (in PM) and sending them an e-card to their email from Papa John, Pizza Hut or Dominos.

Outside of the US the best way is to get the persons addy (in PM) and have an order delivered to their house. This can also be done within the US.

please note, e-cards ONLY work within the USA

Any further information needed or if you have questions, please don't hesitate to message the mods!

Want to buy a pizza with Bitcoin or DogeCoin?

check out Pizza For Coins! (Link isn't an endorsement)

You can also go to and purchase e-cards with bitcoin

Use to buy e-cards with DogeCoin

Site History:

The original RAoP doesnt allow barter for NSFW pics, this subreddit is much lighter on the rules. So this was the solution.

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