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Random Acts Of Vinyl

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Inspired by other "Random Acts Of ..." subreddits, this is the place where records find new homes!

  • [Offer] - Write the artist, title and condition of the record you are giving away. Bonus points if you add a picture. Who you give your record to and how is up to you. Just be fair and kind!

  • [Surprise Offer] - You're giving away a record, but you're not saying what!

  • [Request] - Someone's crap might just be your holy grail. Don't expect many answers if requesting Demon Days... But hey, who knows!

  • [Trade] - Trading records for cookies or pizza encouraged!

  • [Sell] - Sell your records.

  • [Coupon] - Give a coupon code away.

Who pays for shipping? It's up to both parties to find common ground.

Packing tips:

  • Use a sturdy cardboard mailer, not an envelope. You can recycle used mailers, as long as they're in good condition.

  • Keep the records in the inner sleeves but OUTSIDE the jacket. Spine splits and tears make people sad.

  • Make sure the record is not freely moving in the mailer.

  • Domestic US: use Media Mail, it's cheap!

Do you have questions about vinyl in general, turntables, equipment, record stores, etc?

Join the awesome /r/Vinyl community!

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