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A Place for Card Kindness

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About Random Acts of Cards

This is a place to send or receive cards for anyone who would like one. The purpose of RAoC is to spread a little bit of joy around the world. All are welcome, so please read the sidebar or Wiki FAQ page to get started. :)

How to Make a Post

>1: Click on the appropriate submission button

>2: Keep the tag

>3: Include the location

>4: Have a clear title

>5: Edit your flair to /"fulfilled/" when you close your post


> Mod Posts

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> Offers

> Exchanges

> Fulfilled Posts

> Thank Yous

> Discussions

General Rules

>* Be kind to one another and keep it clean. Anyone can post here to either give or get a card no matter the reason big or small.

>* Thank you posts are encouraged. Put the name of the person(s) in the title or in the body of your thank you post.

>* Update your posts. This lets redditors know when you are not receiving/sending anymore cards. Use the "Fulfilled" flair or comment fulfilled! to your post.

>* Be smart about posting personal information.

>* There are no restrictions on the amount of cards you want to request/offer. It's just nice to pay it forward if you're requesting a lot of cards. :)

>* No promo posts. Please contact mods first if you think it might be relevant to /r/randomactsofcards.

> * No letters. This is just a card subreddit, but check the related subs for your other mail needs!

Related Subreddits

>Here are some other places for those that want to have/lend support and kindness.

>For Other Mail Related Posts:

> /r/cardcrafts /r/birthdayexchange /r/getwell /r/mysterybox /r/penpals /r/penpalsover30 /r/philately (for stamp collecting) /r/postcardexchange /r/RandomMail /r/redditpost * /r/SandBoxxit

>For Other Random Acts Subreddits:

> /r/randomacts /r/RandomActsOfAmazon /r/randomactsofbirthday /r/RandomActsOfChristmas /r/randomactsofcookies /r/randomactsofdrawing /r/randomactsofgaming /r/randomactsofgifting /r/RandomActsOfLetters /r/random_acts_of_lego /r/random_acts_of_lunch /r/RandomActsofMakeup /r/random_acts_of_perler /r/random_acts_of_pizza /r/RMMD (Random Acts of Mother's Day) /r/RandomActsOfVinyl /r/randomactsforpets /r/randomgifts * /r/randomkindness

>For Personal Assistance:

> /r/assistance /r/depression /r/MakeNewFriendsHere /r/Needafriend * /r/NoLongerAlone

Questions? Comments? Concerns?

>The FAQ page might be able to help you. If not then drop us a line. We're always happy to help and will respond back as promptly as we can. Don't know who to contact? Here's our organizational chart


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