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Random Acts of Kindness

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A place for redditors to gift random kindness to others and request it just as easily.

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For those in dire need that require emergency aid and/or serious help we recommend visiting /r/Borrow, /r/need, /r/Food_Pantry, or /r/Food_Bank.


Please read the rules here before posting. Violation of any of the rules could result in a temporary or permanent ban, or a removal of your post.

How to make a Post:

1. Place one of the [OFFER], [REQUEST], [RQ] or [THANKS] tags in your title. Tags are required.

2. Add the location you are willing to send to or are requesting from

  • Country wide = [US], [UK], [CA]
  • City / State = [US, FL], [UK, London], [CA, Toronto]
  • World Wide = [WW]
  • Online = [WWW]

3. State the item's name in the title

4. Once you've created a post, see if you qualify for flair

  • Flair FAQ

  • Click HERE to get Flair

  • [REQUESTED] and [RECEIVED] flair is mandatory!

5. Please use link flair to cross out your post once it is fulfilled.

  • Click 'flair' below your post, select the '- ~~REQUEST~~' option, then press 'Save'.

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