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A place for redditors to gift random kindness to others and request it just as easily.

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For those in dire need that require emergency aid and/or serious help we recommend visiting /r/Assistance, /r/Borrow or /r/Food_Pantry.

How to make a Post (full details):

1. Place one of the [OFFER], [REQUEST] or [RK] tags in your title.

  • [Thanks] Use this tag when you have received kindness and wish to thank someone

2. Add the location you are willing to send to or are requesting from

  • Country wide = [US], [UK], [CA]
  • City / State = [US, FL], [UK, London], [CA, Toronto]
  • Global / World Wide = [WW]
  • Virtual / Online = [WWW]

3. State the item's name in the title

4. Once you've created a post, see if you qualify for flair

  • Flair FAQ

  • Click HERE to get Flair

  • (Remember [REQUEST] and [RECEIVED] flair is mandatory!

5. You are now ready to give/receive random kindness. Click here to post

6. Please use link flair to cross out your post once it is fulfilled.

  • Click 'flair' below your post, select the '- ~~REQUEST~~' option, then press 'Save'.

General Guidelines:

  • Do not delete your posts. Deleting your own previous requests, including if they were unanswered, unfulfilled or removed will result in a permanent ban.

  • No monetary requests. Money feels impersonal and is often associated with scams. Items such as cards, clothes, games, books, and handcrafted item requests are more likely to be answered here. This includes fundraising, loans and charity. Amazon gift cards are included as monetary but wishlists are fine.

  • No advertising, buying, trading or selling. This includes referral links.

  • No voting requests. This includes contests and sites who's content is based on votes.

  • Do not request items with the intent to swap them. Requesting items (including games, gift cards and other items) with the sole intent of giving it away without mentioning it in the request or swapping it to someone else for another item will result in a permanent ban.

  • Video game related requests and entries to related offers require 300 comment karma and a 2 month old account. An exception to this is if you have 'Sent' flair. No /r/FreeKarma.

  • Steam account URLs are required. Public Steam account URLs are required for game requests that involve Steam.

  • No Flaming, insults, derogatory comments and otherwise rude behavior. If you see a post here that is inflammatory please use report function to notify a mod.

Breaking the above rules will result in a temporary or permanent ban

  • Stay safe. Do not give away personal information in posts, only give your address by PM once you are sure you will send / receive anything.

  • Use the search function. Many requests and offers have been made. People may still be willing to offer kindness even if their post is expired.

  • Keep your post updated. Make sure you update the post so others know if your request was fulfilled or the offer was given away.

  • Remember to thank the giver. They love to know that an item was received and it is always nice to thank the person who sent you something. If compelled you could always make a pictograph about it and send it to /r/pics and share the story.

  • Try to give as good as you get. Balance the number of REQUESTs you make with an equal number of OFFERs. Members will respect you more and won't think you're taking advantage of them. Heavily taking advantage may earn post removal or bans.

  • Always pay it forward! Continue the cycle of kindness by passing on the kindness offered to you in anyway you can.

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  1. Please read our updated rules.

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