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1) No begging.

2) No whoring.

3) No spamming.

4) No minors.

5) Play nice.

6) Read the USER GUIDE & RULES before posting.

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Use these tags to keep things searchable! If you don't, your post will be removed!

  • [Intro] - If you're brand new, introduce yourself!
  • [Discussion] - If you have something to talk about! Text posts only! Your topic should not be ME oriented but something to discuss with all of RAOA.
  • [Contest] - If you want to make gifting a fun community challenge!
  • [Gifted] - If you've gifted someone & would like them to know. Order information required!
  • [Thanks] - If you've received a gift from an Amazonian.
  • [Giveaway] - If you're wanting to give away a non-Amazon item.
  • [Activity] - For games & other events for Amazonians to participate in!
  • [Meetup] - For all things related to meet ups!

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  • [PSA] - Important information typically posted by mods.
  • [Bomb] - Special mod-run giveaway event.
  • [Exchange] - Thanks threads for our mod-run exchanges.



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