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RAOP - Restoring Faith in Humanity, One Slice at a Time

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Scammers will send PRIVATE MESSAGES!

  • Red Alert if the conversation turns to "gift card" or you receive an amazon/wishlist or other "easy out"/pushy behavior to complete the transaction

  • Check account names/age/karma carefully, use messages view. Install Reddit Enhancement Suite to check karma/age quickly.

  • See How Scammers Operate.

Best Practices

  • Donate through the subreddit, do not gift/trade with anyone that PM's you!
  • Order gift cards to your own e-mail
  • No screenshots! Send gift code + PIN as text. Do not give away order confirmation numbers
  • Do not buy from wishlist or product links

Welcome to RAoP

The Original Random Pizza Delivery Service

We are open for active Redditors that have not engaged in questionable online behavior (relax, we don't know about all of it, you're probably fine). See The Pizza Library for everything you need to know to get started.

Sorry, we are not a public food assistance program, please see Emergency Food Assistance for other tips.


  1. Minimum 90 days old account with 400 comment karma, and:
  2. Do not revive idle account to request
  3. Do not cheat when acquiring karma
  4. Do not use an alt/throwaway account
  5. No defaulted reddit loans
  6. No begging or mooching
  7. No nuked post history
  8. Have regular and productive reddit participation in the past 90 days (requesting, entering giveaways, self-promotion, low effort comments etc does not count)

  9. Be civilized and keep posts Safe for Work. No witch hunts, calling people out, making insulting, or insinuating comments. No bartering for NSFW/explicit content. Don't hijack requests, or be less than honest.

  10. Document transactions using the bot, and keep post status up to date. Donors and recipients make sure each gift is logged once, - flairs are updated automatically. Use of the bot is not optional, you must log your transaction. Failure to do so can result in a ban. Discount codes do not count as a gift, don't log them with the bot.

  11. See Practical Bot Examples.

  12. When gifted, post a separate [THANKS] with a Verification Photo. Do this if you win contests/offers as well. Follow up on all other agreements made with donor, such as work-for-pizza or pay-it-forward / pay-it-back.

  13. Do not delete ANY CONTENT from this subreddit under ANY circumstances. You will be banned automatically. Use the bot to change post status.

  14. Do NOT randomly PM users for any reason, including but not limited to requesting pizza, gift cards, trades, answering your survey, etc.

  15. See Dealing with Private Messages

  16. Wait minimum 7 days before reposting after an unfulfilled request, and minimum 90 days after receiving a pizza (including contests/offers). If you have received 2 gifts more than you have given, do not request or enter giveaways.

  17. Requests are for pizza only, and max one gift per request! Do not ask for money, gift cards, or anything that is not pizza. No fundraisers, wishlists or referral links.

Moderators reserve the right to remove posts and ban users for reasons not explicitly listed in the rules. See Moderation Policies and Activity Limits

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