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  • Light Novel written by Tappei Nagatsuki
  • Illustrated by Shinichirou Otsuka
  • Subaru Natsuki is surprisingly summoned to another world. With no sign of who summoned him he soon befriends a silver-haired half-elf girl. When he and the girl are mysteriously killed, Subaru awakens and discovers that he has the ability "Return by Death" enabling him to reverse time by dying, though only he remembers the events of the previous timeline.

  1. Tag Spoilers - Be sure to tag your post or comments that contain spolers beyond the anime.
    1. Post Spoilers - There are LN and WN flairs to use when your post contains content from one of those sources. Can be used with the [LN] or [WN] with brackets in the title or through the flair option after you have submitted a post.
    2. Comment Spoilers - Be sure to use the LN and WN spoiler code (shown below) to hide your spoiler text from anyone not hovering over it. The LN spoiler code uses a purple bar while the WN spoiler code uses a black bar to hide the spoilers.
  2. Re:Zero-Related Content - All post must be related to the Series and not the subreddit or the discord server.
  3. Reposting - Reposting images may only occur 4 weeks after the original post. As well as nothing from the Top 50 post of all time.
  4. Don't be Toxic & Disrespectful - Not that hard, don't attack others and/or be toxic.
  5. NSFW Content - Any content that is NSFW needs to be tagged with the NSFW flair. If it contains more explicit material, then the NSFW++ flair needs to be used on the post.
  6. Spamming - Just don't, this is anything repetitive, containing off-topic ramblings, or posting the same content or comments repeatedly.
  7. Self-Promotion - Self Promotion is against the reddit wide rules so keep those at a minimum.
  8. Waifu Wars - The comment is not relevant to the character in the post and is trying to incite disagreement via waifu wars. This includes comments that say girl X is best girl on a post about girl Y.
  9. Submission Limit - The user had more than 3 post in a 24 hour time frame. Any more than 3 post within 24 hours will result in the 4th post being removed for the violation.
  10. Season 2 post - Don't ask when season 2 is starting. Nothing is announced and we will have a big announcement when we have any information about a new anime adaptation.

No Season 2 has been announced.

Add one of the bottom [____] to your thread title:

  1. [Media] - For all fan made content and media outside of this subreddit
  2. [Discussion] - For all kinds of discussions.
  3. [NSFW] - Be sure to press the Lewd Button once submitted.
  4. [NSFW++] - For posts containing [+18] material.
  5. [LN] - For posts containing Light Novel spoilers.
  6. [WN] - For posts containing Web Novel spoilers.
  7. [Translation] - For posts containing Web Novel translations.

Tagging Spoilers

  1. For Light Novel Spoilers 1. [](/novel "this is a light novel spoiler") 1.
  2. For Web Novel Spoilers 1. [](/web "this is a web novel spoiler") 1.

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