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The Real Girls Reddit - NSFW

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This Reddit is Not Safe For Work.

^(Everything is marked NSFW by default, even when SFW)


1. Obey reddit's site-wide rules

^(No sexual content featuring minors.) ^[info]
^(Do not ask for or post personal information. Including:)

  • First or last names.
  • Usernames on any social media site like: Tumblr/Twitter/Snapchat/Instagram etc...
  • Names/locations of schools or jobs.

If you post an image with a name as the title you will be summarily (and permanently) banned. No exceptions!

^(If you see a post in violation of these rules, report it!) ^(This is a site-wide rule and violators will be banned.)

2. Pictures of Real Girls* only

^( This means No paid professionals allowed*.)
^(If a girl is paid to look pretty, she does not belong here.)

^(Breast implants are allowed.)

^(Photoshop is not allowed.)

^(No Cam Girls)

^(No posting of GoneWild girls without their expressed written consent.)

If you participate in subreddits where you trade services for money, you are no longer qualified for Verified status here..

3. Don't spam

^(Direct-links to the images only.)
^(No watermarks on images.)

4. Don't claim to be in the photo

^(Unless you actually are and can verify with us.)

^(See below for verification rules)

*Don't claim to know someone in the photo,

unless you can verify permission to post photo.

5. No "revenge porn"

^(Don't post your ex. There's plenty of other sites for that.)

6. Brand new accounts are not allowed to post here

^(Please participate on Reddit elsewhere before submitting here.)

7. Direct links only

No albums as submissions

^(Albums are permitted in the comments section.)

^(Any album may be removed at moderators discretion.)

8. Posting limit

Please limit yourself to 10 submissions in a 24 hour period.

Verification may be done by clicking on this link.

^(Please provide a photo of yourself in the link with your user name, today's date, and /r/RealGirls written on it.)

^(The paper should be crumpled yet still readable)

Report content violations

^(If you see any post that violates the rules, click "report" and mention the violated rule.)

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