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Women who actually, literally sell that pussy

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YES! All of these women are actual prostitutes, or were at the time of the posts. We do not promote this activity, but it exists, they post, and some of us like to look at what's out there.

It's a different kind of hot knowing that, if you were in the right place, at the right time, with really not all that much money, you could actually have sex with one of these beauties.


  • Must use Imgur. All others will be automod deleted.

  • Must be real escorts currently advertising and working.

  • Try not to post fake ads, cam girls, etc. All posts must be for women actually selling their body.

  • NO IDENTIFYING INFO!!! Do not post names or locations. We're NOT promoting the activity, just viewing pics publicly available.


I won't tell you where to look, because then you could find illegal activity there. But Google is your friend and the web is as wide as the world. If you find pics from a legit sex worker, you can post them here, so long as you do so without personally identifying info.


  • No posting personal identification. As in, no names, no websites, no hints as to where one might find them. First offense is a 7-day ban, second offense is a lifetime ban.

No Promotion of illegal activity allowed

Seriously, this is just for looking, not for meeting in real life.

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