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A subreddit to recruit CS players for your team.

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Subreddit Rules

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What to expect

Teams looking for players

Players looking for teams

Players looking for mentors

Mentors looking for players (free)

Post etiquette

  • Continental location abbreviation inside brackets in the title.
  • Location in the title.
  • Current rank in the title.
  • Clan name in the title, if you are recruiting for a clan. Adding to this, the submission text should contain brief description of your team.
  • Submission text must include a link to your steam profile.
  • Age group can be included to avoid confusion.


When offering to teach or when you want to learn from someone:

  • Please post your experience/ranks.
  • What you are willing to teach.
  • What you want to learn/improve.
  • Don't ask for any monetary or skin rewards.


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