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This community was created as a harbor for RP women that share common goals. We explore the female RP sexual strategy in an objective, realistic, and compassionate manner. All theories and conversations spring from a traditional, evolutionary psychology, or anti-feminist foundation. We focus on long term relationships, marriage, and building families.

We are a reflection of TRP, and apply RP theories, terms, and ideas to aid the pursuit the female-based red pill goals. All members are expected to understand, and respect both the male and female strategies. Demonizing men or TRP is not allowed. Criticizing women for wanting marriage is not allowed. Only through understanding both the male and female approaches, can each sex more successfully pursue their own objectives.

In the spirit of encouraging a compassionate and honest community, it is important for everyone to extend a minimum level of politeness and understanding to other members in conversations. Proportional and measured escalation of sternness is sometimes necessary, however this should be used sparingly and only when appropriate. Everyone is expected to meet the standards of conduct outlined in the rules, and comply with moderator directions when they are issued. We should all strive to set a positive example for each other and newcomers. Please participate in such a way that you encourage thoughtful exchanges and insightful discussions.

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