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Reddit Day Of

Each day has a new topic. People are encouraged to research and post something they think the community will find interesting. Hopefully, readers will learn something new about a topic they previously had little knowledge in. We have few rules but memes/advice animals belong elsewhere. Please limit the number of items you post to four per topic. Please post content relevant to the day's topic.

  • The best post of the day, by net upvotes, receives an Award ^1 . The winner may nominate a future topic. It may take a few days for winners to be awarded.

  • To encourage a variety of content, the top text/self-post of the day, by net upvotes, is also eligible for an Award ^1 (More info).

Don't be put off if the topic doesn't instantly interest you. Even the most mundane topics can have very interesting trivia. We've linked with /r/musicthemetime to post music under the daily topic.

Please upvote generously to reward those taking the time to research and post. Down-votes are disabled, we encourage content & participation.

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August 21 - 1990’s Internet

August 22 - Pulp Magazines

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