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What reddit would be like throughout history

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Let's make posts of historical events and pretend they just happened.

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Pretend the historical event is happening now and you are making a reddit post about it.


Good posts - Clever, smart, witty posts pretending the historical event is actually happening right now, and what a post on reddit about the event would look like. Example of a great r/RedditThroughHistory post. Oh, and don't forget about RAGE COMICS! These can be great RedditThroughHistory posts if done correctly. Give it a try!

Bad posts - Posts that link directly to wikipedia pages for the most part are not very creative. If a big historical event was happening right now, you wouldn't really post the link to its wikipedia page on reddit. Also, posts of something that got famous and end in "I sure hope this catches/doesn't catch on", or some variation thereof. These posts aren't very creative and lack substance - you might as well just say "HEY HARRY POTTER THAT WAS NOT VERY WELL KNOWN AND THEN IT WAS WELL KNOWN!" or some variation. And lastly, try not to post about events from the last 5, 10, even 20 years. They are too recent. Get out your old Social Studies textbooks and get more creative!

Also, thank you Little_Robot for the new theme!

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Great Scott! We're featured in r/subredditoftheday! Thanks for making this place excellent.

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