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What the Future will look like.

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Lets jump into our time machines and put our prediction caps on!

Post events on Reddit as if they are happening right now in the future. Make your wildest predictions or just what you feel will occur in the close to far future.


  • Act as if you are in the future - Try not to mention things from the present as if they are happening in the present because in the future, they will be past events. You may use current events as a base to your post but remember in your post that it will be a past event.

  • Be Creative and Imaginative - Use your creativity to describe the future. What will be going on? You may include the why as well.

  • Don't post a "past" event as the complete post - Don't grab a current event and label it, "Remember this event?" That is too easy and unimaginative. You may use it as a base to talk about what is going on in the future.

  • Have Fun!

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