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Because there's no more Seinfeld from Seinfeld

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What is the gang up to now? Feel free to drop in with either ideas (please use [Prompt] in the title) or scenes/scripts for Seinfeld episodes that never were.

Feel free to come up with ideas for modern day Seinfeld, period-appropriate Seinfeld (90s) or even anachronistic Seinfeld (Seinfeld during WWII anyone?).

If you're looking for post-apocalyptic themed Seinfeld specifically, then maybe /r/seinfeldapocalypse is for you... although such content is also welcome here.

Or check out /r/SeinfeldQuotes for your memorable Seinfeld moments! Check out /r/SeinfeldTrivia and test your knowledge on the Show About Nothing! And check out @Fake_Seinfeld on Twitter!

Interested in other shows by the cast? Check out /r/RedditWritesVeep!

Also, head over to /r/RedditWritesSunny if you're as big a fan of IASIP (It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia) as we are. If you act now, they'll give you a free rum ham for subscribing... just mention Kramer's name.

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