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Redhead Gifs - The gifs that keep on giving

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A subreddit dedicated to gifs of redheads and ginger girls. All Redhead Gifs will be tagged NSFW as this subreddit will contain porn.

Posting the Source is encouraged


  • 1) No posts of minors or beastial porn
  • 2) No black and white gifs.
  • 3) A Redhead/Ginger girl must be in the gif. Dye-jobs are fine.
  • 4) We only accept submissions from Imgur, Gfycat or Tumblr
  • 5) No jpgs or PNG files - Gifs, html5, gifv etc. only.
  • 6) Be excellent to each other. Don't be an ass-hat.

Dont forget you can ID the pornstar in most gifs (e.g. ID: Dolly Little)

Mods reserve the right to remove any post.

Recommended Image Host Imgur 50mb Gfycat 25mb

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