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Good old regular revenge.

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^Please ^note ^that ^these ^filters ^are ^in ^beta ^testing ^right ^now ^and ^may ^not ^work ^properly.

Post Rules:

All stories must have a form of revenge or karma in them.

  • No ideas of revenge or help plotting revenge. Stories involving karma are ok. (This is because /r/instantkarma does not allow text posts)

Be careful posting anything illegal.

  • NSFW stories are welcome, just please be aware that if you post anything illegal, you are open to doxing. While doxing is not allowed, please be careful that it happens regardless. If you are afraid that you might be found out, then take precautions to cover your bases. Change names, use an alternate account, leave out any information that can identify you, and so forth.
  • If the illegal activity is something extreme (murder, anything involving children,etc), your post will be removed and you will be banned

Be nice.

  • Please be nice. Any attacks against any users will result in a warning or ban depending on the severity of the attack. If you have doubts that a story is real, please keep those thoughts to yourself. It's a lot more fun to believe somebody unless it is very obviously fake.
  • If your comment only consists of "/r/thathappened" or anything that implies a story is fake, it will result in a 1 day ban, then a 1 week ban, then a 1 month ban, and then a permaban. If you feel that a story is fake, prove it. Otherwise, please just stay quiet and enjoy the stories provided for our entertainment.

Also remember

  • Any super petty revenge stories should be posted in /r/pettyrevenge, likewise any super pro revenge stories should be posted in /r/prorevenge.
  • Not sure where your story belongs? Feel free to post in here anyways, and if needed, we will direct you where you need to be. All stories are welcome until determined otherwise by the community.
  • Please take note that your mod team does read every story that's posted here, and if we believe that a story is so fake that it isn't enjoyable, we will remove it. Please report anything you believe to fall in this line.
  • Your mod team will flair posts for now. Flair can and will be changed according to the community bias if necessary. If you disagree with a flair that has been set, voting will do nothing to help your cause if you do not comment. Use comments to let us know what you think.

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