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The RepRap Project aims to produce machines that can produce a wide variety of useful goods - including copies of themselves!

This is the place to post anything about the project, related news, discussion between users, help requests (in the sticky thread), and so on. Welcome!

About RepRap:

The name is short for "self-Replicating Rapid prototyper, and for now that means 3D printing! In the longer term, the project will give physical goods the economic properties of Free software - shareable and improvable by anyone with minimal cost or external control.

Most 3D printers are not RepRaps any more - or yet!. A RepRap must be able to produce more than half it's own parts, typically the mechanical structure.

Subreddit rules:

  • Stay relevant to the RepRap project or a RepRap machine.

  • If you have a question or need help, use the sticky threads.

  • Be nice. This rule should be unnecessary!

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