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Subreddit of Interest: /r/RandPaul

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Rules: Violations of the rules will likely result in banning.

  • Rule 1. This subreddit is for civil discussion not heated debate.

  • Rule 2. No personal attacks, insults, or trolling.

  • Rule 3. No racism, antisemitism, misogyny, misandry, or other hate.

  • Rule 4. Do not post anti-Republican submissions or comments.

  • Rule 5. Do not make comments consisting entirely of leftist talking points or defending leftist ideology.

  • Rule 6. No "fake" news or titles that intentionally mislead. (Rewording titles is fine)

  • Rule 11. "Thou shalt not speak ill of any fellow Republican." (Reagan's 11th Commandment)

Please use the report button for any violations of the above rules or message the moderators.

/r/Republican is a partisan subreddit. This is a place for Republicans to discuss issues with other Republicans.

Out of respect for this sub's main purpose, we ask that unless you identify as Republican that you refrain from commenting and leave the vote button alone. Non republicans who come to our sub looking for a 'different perspective' subvert that very perspective with their own views when they vote or comment.

Republicans can of course use the vote button, but if you do down-vote something please post a comment why.

Articles and comments that are disproportionately up-voted may be removed at the discretion of the mods to prevent forum slide.

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