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Reverse Engineering

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A moderated community dedicated to all things reverse engineering.



If you have a question about how to use a reverse engineering tool, or what types of tools might be applicable to your project, or your question is specific to some particular target, ask it on the Reverse Engineering StackExchange site. Apart from that, self-posts severely degraded the quality of this subreddit when they were enabled, so they have been disabled in favor of a biweekly questions thread which is posted automatically by a robot (the latest of which is in the list of stickied threads above).


If it's a non-HTML link (e.g., a PDF), please tag it (e.g., put [PDF] at the end of the title). Don't post it if it's irrelevant or has no content: we have technical standards and might remove these posts. Submissions from InfoSec Institute are banned.

Please vote for no reason other than quality of content. Down-voting submissions has been disabled according to the logic that the purpose of this subreddit is to disseminate information about reverse engineering, not to serve as a popularity contest among links. Essentially we are simulating MetaFilter with this decision (for which you can blame /u/rolfr if you are so inclined).

When commenting, please discuss content and not presentation. This is a technical community, so pointing out technical flaws is certainly within the realm of discourse, but please try not to be an asshole when you do. Imagine yourself speaking your comment in a public place to the person's face when you write it. It would be tragic if needlessly negative commentary discouraged participation in the already-microscopic world of reverse engineering. If the point of your comment is to put down someone else so as to demonstrate your superiority, please delete it without posting it, and then make an appointment with a psychotherapist regarding your inferiority complex.

The legality of reverse engineering is a miasmic subject compounded by differing laws in differing jurisdictions. For basic legal information (not "legal advice") surrounding reverse engineering in the United States, see the EFF's FAQ on the subject. None of the moderators are trained lawyers, so please use your best discretion when submitting, and we shall do the same while moderating. Subjects such as stolen source code and pirated software are never acceptable and will always be removed. Please instead post these links to /r/RELeaks (not affiliated with or endorsed by the moderators of /r/ReverseEngineering).


  • /r/RELounge -- sister subreddit for non-technical submissions and discussion
  • /r/REMath -- sister subreddit for mathematics related to program analysis
  • /r/puremathematics
  • /r/netsec
  • /r/malware
  • /r/crypto
  • /r/securityctf
  • /r/CarHacking
  • ##re on FreeNode IRC.

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