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RoastMyCar: Have your car roasted or roast others!

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Post a picture of your car and watch as people break the news to you. Maybe you shouldn't have bought such a bucket of bolts? Maybe you shouldn't have gotten that ridiculous paint job? Maybe you shouldn't have wasted your college money on it in the first place?

Inspired by Car Throttle's "Roast My Car".


  1. You may only post a picture of YOUR OWN car to be roasted. You can post your previously owned cars. Reposted submissions or posts from the internet can result in a ban.
  2. Don't take anything personally. You wanted your car to be roasted, and deep down, you probably know that the feedback you're getting is completely legitimate.
  3. While this is not /r/RoastMe, roasting of the owner can be done as long as the primary roasting is to the car
  4. Do not comment something along the lines of "I OMG I can't roast this its such a great car". We've been seeing this happen too much. This is /r/RoastMyCar. If you don't have anything mean to say, don't say anything at all.

Have you gone through the pain of getting your car roasted? Get your special flair, to show everyone the extreme discipline and self confidence you've put on the line!

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