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RoastMe - get ready for a roasting . Just say the words Roast_ME !

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The act of verbally assaulting someone until you hurt their feelings, sometimes to the point of making them cry.

/r/Roast_Me is a comedy subreddit! Keep that in mind. Try to make a joke and be creative. Thoughtless insults aren't necessary. Happy Roasting!


You should only post your own picture.

Submissions should be from people who are over 18 and have the appearance of someone who is over 18

No images from an educational setting

Roasts must be consenting

For a roast to appear consenting, submitters should hold up a "roast me" sign on a piece of paper with your hand visible. It is also good practice to participate in the comments .

Reddit rules apply

Please report any rule breaking submissions and help keep this subreddit safe and fun!

There is a report button below the post

Banned ?

If you get banned or your post removed, its probably because you look young, seem young or seem to be bullying in an uninvited way. Or for other random reason such as being in an educational setting. Please don't bother the mods with ban appeals as we are time-limited and don't mind if we get it wrong occasionally especially if that means we can keep away the majority of unwelcome content. Please be aware that there are many other "roasting" subreddits on reddit including the larger and more established /r/roastme . Other subreddits have different rules and different communities where you can get another chance if you are banned from here or just want a fresh roasting.

Do you want to contact the moderators ?

  • Please note the theme of the subreddit is "roasting" and this theme may or may not be adopted in modmail. Questions like "help me to post", "why was I banned" etc typically may get an educational roasting or may not get a response unless we really feel like it. Its usually obvious if you read the rules and aren't stupid. This subreddit is for fun and so there really shouldn't be a need to write complaints to modmail or care too much about access to this subreddit given that there are many other subreddits..

  • Some image uploads are disabled or disrupted. Its not ideal but reddit took some of this control from us. The current obstacles seem to be a great way to filter smart and determined roastees from school bullies. So we like it and mods aren't going to help you upload your image. They will likely ridicule you.

  • Modmail that will be treated seriously is stuff like people using your photo without permission and things directly related to Reddit rules . However, the fastest way to stop bad content appearing on this subreddit is simply to use the report button. This instantly and directly notifies the responsive mod team for removals.

Mods can only remove content from appearing publicly. That means reddit still stores the links, titles and images if you know the link. Mods can't clean the database or stop things being retained internally on reddit. Mods also cannot do much about determined users doing bad things on multiple subreddits. The reddit admins may be a more appropriate contact point to handle stuff like that. In the first instance, you are welcome to the report button to quickly remove the bad content

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