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Rock Band: because everyone wants to rock.

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>##Exports > > Export Question? Ask here! > >--- > >Exported already? > > Download Instructions > >--- > >Haven't exported? > > Games That Can Still Be Exported > > How To Export (Playstation) > >* How To Export (Xbox) >

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>##Looking for RB4 friends? > > PSN ID/XBL Gamertag Sharing Megathread > > Unofficial /r/RockBand Discord

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>##Rules > >1. Keep submissions related to Rock Band. * Exceptions can be made for announcements regarding other Harmonix projects. Example: DropMix release date. > >2. No song/artist request submissions. * No requesting songs or posting about how much you'd like to see a song/band in RB. Instead of posting about it you should submit your request directly to Harmonix. > >3. Only one DLC announcement thread allowed per week. > >4. No comments/submissions related to pirated Rock Band content. * This includes all disc songs and DLC even if they were delisted or aren't exportable. * Note: Customs are allowed as long as the custom is of a song that Harmonix hasn't released. > >5. No comments/submissions related to sharing/trading accounts. > >6. RB stream links are not allowed unless they are charity events or official Harmonix streams. > >7. Keep discussions civil. * Comments/Submissions that contain racist, sexist, homophobic content, or threats will be removed. > >More info here



>Full stream list and details

Stressed Out and Can't Feel My Face are now available for Rock Band VR!

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