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Our Game

Soccer meets driving once again in the long-awaited, physics-based multiplayer-focused sequel to Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars. Available on PS4, XBOX, and Steam.

Upcoming Events

|Event|Server|Countdown|| |:--:|:--:|:--:|:--:| |ESL 3v3 | AUNZ|3h 59m|| |Gfinity 2v2 | EU|12h 59m|| |ESW 3v3 | EU|13h 59m|| |Nexus 1v1 | NA|18h 59m|| |PRL 3v3 | NA|18h 59m|| |Myth 3v3 | NA|19h 59m|| |RLO 2v2 | OCE|1d 3h 29m|| |ESL 3v3 | OCE|1d 3h 59m|| ~~Calendar of Events~~


~~Woahing~~ ~~233 viewers~~ ~~[XB1] Goals.~~~~Blabidy~~ ~~307 viewers~~ ~~Chill viewer games !room | !banger | (Lurkers welcome and appreciated!)~~~~HybridPlaysGames~~ ~~44 viewers~~ ~~Trying To Rank | Season 3 GC~~ ~~More Rocket League streams~~

Subreddit Rules

I. You cannot post self-promotion content without contributing to the subreddit beforehand.

II. Use /r/RocketLeagueFriends for friend-finding threads and /r/RocketLeagueExchange for trades.

III. Do not harass other users.

IV. No selling, trading, or begging posts.

V. Low-effort content, including memes, is not allowed.

VI. Piracy, exploits, or hacking discussion is not allowed.

VII. You must censor player IDs to avoid witch-hunting.

For full descriptions, click here.

Rocket League Tournaments

ESL - For European and North American based PC and PS4 players.

Cybergamer Ladder (PC link) - For Australian and New Zealander based PS4 and PC players.

StriveWire - for both EU and NA tournaments, weekly and daily PS4 + PC.

Rocket-League - for all your tournament needs.

Gfinity - for NA and EU based PS4, PC, and XBOX players.

Mock-it League - for all types of tournaments.

Pro Rivalry League (PRL) - NA and EU tournaments with second-to-none production quality and streams.

Shift Pro League - weekly community-based NA and EU tournaments (all platforms).

ML Doubles - a non-toxic league dedicated to fair play and fun.

eSports Wall - daily eSports tournaments for multiple games in the EU region.

For more information on Rocket League eSports click here.

Helpful Links

Helpful Subreddits

  • Build a team, find friends, or start a tournament: /r/RocketLeagueFriends.

  • Trading market for Rocket League customization items: /r/RocketLeagueExchange.

  • For competitive competition, news, and discussion: /r/RLCompetitive.

  • In-depth discussion on Rocket League and it's mechanics, or strategies: r/RLCirclejerk.

  • Looking to improve yourself, or help other players to do so? /r/RocketLeagueCoaching is the hub designed to match players and coaches together.

  • Get your gameplay analyzed by helpful players: /r/RocketLeagueAnalysis.

  • Post any tournament information whether it's a casual, small tournament, or a large prize pool tournament: /r/RocketleagueClashes.

  • Learn to create Workshop maps, custom decals, and other mods: /r/RocketLeagueMods

  • Looking for Rocket League Custom Training codes? Check out user submitted sequences: r/RLCustomTraining

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