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Realm of the Mad God

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Realmeye's Guild Recruitment Forums

Release X15 is now LIVE!

  • Beautiful, enormous new summer nexus for you to explore!

  • Bug fixes including using your ability while stunned causing DC's

  • Several new skins/pet stones

  • Sorcerer class, scepter, trap, and wand buff!

  • New UT trap!

  • Increased XP from shatters

  • Increased health for Oryx' castle walls

  • Puppet theatre minion nerf

  • See post for more information!

  • Remember the account security feature: Read more the Security Questions and account security in general

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  • No promoting, defending, or linking to sources of hacking, multiboxing, exploiting, or private servers. Additionally, pro-cheating/etc. posts will be removed. The discussion of hacks/exploits/etc is only meant for possible resolutions to the problems, not discussion about what exists/doesn't exist. Private server discussion will be redirected to /r/RotmgPrivateServers in most cases.

  • Do not use this subreddit as a trading platform. Consider using realmeye.

  • Posts/comments intentionally attacking others are NOT allowed. Intentionally Insulting or attacking a player for any reason will not be tolerated.

  • Guild Recruiting or Searching posts in the Realmeye Guild Forum ONLY!

  • Need advice on what class to create next? Ask in the weekly question thread, do not make a new post asking for what you should do.

  • Follow Reddiquette. Posts violating the guidelines are subject to removal without explanation.



  • /r/RotMGDLS/ Scammer/Lurker Report sub


  • /r/RotMGTradingPost Trading /RMT/RWT/Accounts/Etc

  • /r/RotMGUntrustedTrades, Find vouches, leave vouches and report people

  • r/realmprotips, Pro tips for ROTMG

  • /r/RotmgPrivateServers - Discuss private servers here! This subreddit will be revamped soon! Suggestions welcome. Contact /u/israphial for more information or to make suggestions.

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