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Rugs Only - High Quality posts of Women with pubic hair.

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This subreddit is basically /r/nsfw with bush.





> • Video posts are allowed but keep them tasteful. No hardcore stuff.

> • Content needs to include more than a little bit of rug. Landing strips and 5 o'clock shadow probably don't fit.

> • Keep the comments civil. Don't solicit PMs or votes.

> • Please don't flood the queue. Quality is better than quantity and the mods reserve the right to remove posts. Excessive x-posting is forbidden.

> • Direct links to images only. If using Imgur, simply right-click the image, select "Open in a new tab" or "View Image", and submit that URL.


  • /r/GoneWildHairy

  • /r/Trim

  • /r/FireCrotch

  • /r/TheFullBush

  • /r/Firebush

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