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Fans of Ruined Orgasms and Orgasm Control

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Hi Everyone!

I was just installed as the Moderator of this subreddit. There's tons of garbage in the mod queue, and it will take a while to get it all sorted.

It you've posted pertinent material, please post again and message me if it doesn't show up.

Look for upcoming changes and flair additions to improve this sub!

If you have ideas, please message me. Thanks!

Although any type of pertinent material is welcome, please consider creating an animated gif of the best parts of long videos. Gifcam is free software that works great for this:

Submitting Rules
Sick of spam? We are too, so we are rolling these rules to keep our subreddit clean:

  • Stick to Ruined Orgasms. Any unrelated content will be removed, repeat offenders will be banned.
  • Link directly to images/gifs or free video sites. If you want to share a tumblr or a blog do it on a
  • NO SPAM. Posting paysites, paygates, referral links or selling services of any kind will earn OP an instant ban.

WTF is a ruined orgasm??

Ruined orgasm refers to the act of spoiling a man's orgasm in a way that he ejaculates but does not have a proper orgasm, leaving him horny and frustrated, as though he received no release at all.

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