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Fans of Ruined Orgasms and Orgasm Control

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This reddit is for fans of ruined orgasms and related aspects of orgasm control and femdom.

Although any type of pertinent material is welcome, please consider creating an animated gif of the best parts of long videos. Gifcam is free software that works great for this:

Submitting Rules
Sick of spam? We are too, so we are rolling these rules to keep our subreddit clean:

  • 1. Stick to Ruined Orgasms. Any unrelated content will be removed, repeat offenders will be banned. Please note that this subreddit is focused less on fetish community, and more on content.
  • 2. Link directly to gifs or free video sites. If you want to share a tumblr or a blog do it on a selfpost.
  • 3. If you post a video, the title has to say exactly when does the ruined orgasm happen. We strongly prefer gifs here, but if you decide to post a vid anyway, you have to specify the timing of the ruin. Doesn't apply to compilations for obvious reasons.
  • 4. Avoid reposts. Sort posts by most popular and check if your submission is already there before posting. Also use KarmaDecay.
  • 5. Don't spam. Posting paysites, paygates, referral links or selling services of any kind will earn OP an instant ban.
  • 6. Don't ask for source in the title. People in comments will usually provide you with a source anyway. If you absolutely need a source right now, go to appropriate subreddits.
  • 7. Are we gay? Are traps gay? What is the difference between a trap and a shemale? At what point does a feminized man become a woman with a dick? Is it gay to jerk off a tranny if you do it with your non-dominant hand? Those are all vital and interesting questions, but it would be most appreciated if you sought answers somewhere else. Here, stick to porn.
  • 8. No solo content allowed. This subreddit focuses not merely on a dick getting ruined, but also (if not more) on the woman performing the act. If you seek some dude-on-dude action or self-ruins, there are plenty other appropriate subreddits.

What is a ruined orgasm?

Ruined orgasm is the act of removing any stimulation for the male as soon as he starts cumming, denying him any pleasure or satisfaction, leading to his frustration and ever increasing horniness. It's an important aspect of female domination and orgasm denial, and also a reason why we are all here.

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