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RussiaLago: investigating the links between Trump and Russia

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This is a subreddit focused on discussing the latest news about the links between Trump and Russia, as well as any theories or research you might have on the subject. Think of it like a singularly-focused, evidence-based /r/conspiracy (minus the pizza). Please keep the discussion centered around this topic, and do not discuss other aspects of politics or of the Trump presidency.

Other rules:

  1. This is not an explicitly partisan subreddit. When political discussion unrelated to Russia-Lago arises, please try to remain somewhat neutral. Please be respectful to respectful Trump supporters.
  2. No propaganda outlets allowed. This includes RT, Sputnik, Breitbart, and InfoWars.
  3. Primary sources are preferred for link posts.
  4. No shitposts.

If you also hate the proliferation of Watergate-based scandal names and want to push the name Russia-Lago instead (pronounced Rush-a-Lago), then feel free to promote /r/RussiaLago or use the hashtag #RussiaLago. George Takei approves.

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