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Brendan Fraser

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Everyone who grew up with the movies of the 90's has at least one childhood memory of Brendan Fraser's ridiculous onscreen antics, whether it was as dashing archaeologist Rick O'Connell in the Mummy Trilogy, as the lovable George of the Jungle, or as the ridiculous caveman Link in Encino Man. Regardless of how you were first introduced to this man, there is no denying that he was a goofball we grew up with and adored.


Now that Brendan has come forward with the struggles he has faced in the years leading up to and following his departure from the spotlight, our course has never been more clear. His bravery in coming out about his sexually assault at a time when he is most vulnerable only further solidifies his status as a hero, and we shall not rest until he is given the recognition he deserves.



Brendan's latest roles:

Trust Trailer

The Affair Trailer

Behind the Curtain of Night (2017)

The Field (2017)


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