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The SCP Foundation

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Classified material beyond this point. Unauthorized access will be monitored, located and dealt with. This is your sole warning.

Welcome to the SCP Foundation. We are a community devoted to expanding and creating the SCP Universe. If you are new, we recommend visiting the SCP Foundation Official Wiki in the links below or just ask for help in this subreddit.


SCP Of The Week:

SCP-2884, "One Nation Under CCTV" by Zacharia H

Tale Of The Week:

"Ziggy the Extra Special Bush Baby" by Smapti

A few rules:

  1. Don't be a jerk

  2. Follow reddiquette


  4. Help others create new SCPs by providing constructive criticism!

  5. This is not an RP subreddit. Please try to keep roleplaying to a minimum. There are few exceptions to this.

  6. Do not self-post about how to kill 682. It's been done to death. More information about why this is can be found here. If you're confused about the SCP, or want to read what's been discussed about it, see this self-post for more information.

  7. All SCP Fuel posts must include some sort of an explanation of how the content is SCP worthy. We want to promote discussion and to prevent this subreddit from becoming a flood of images and no interaction. Posts have a 5 hour grace period to meet this requirement. Clarification response here. Old mod post here.

  8. Please use the Weekly TOMT Thread for requesting the name of articles/tales you can't remember. Making extra threads takes up space. That's what the thread is for!

  9. Don't promote your blank spinoff wiki until it meets the OC requirements. Mod post here.

  10. Yes, there's a company called Keter that makes storage sheds and containers and so on. It was a good joke two years ago but please don't post them anymore. We will be removing these on sight going forward. Mod Post

NSFW Guidelines:

  1. No porn, either submitted or in comments.
  2. No extremely disturbing visual images or shock sites.
  3. No excessive use of expletives.

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