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Source Filmmaker

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Welcome to official Source Filmmaker subreddit!


>1. Harassment of other users will not be tolerated. 2. Do not advocate piracy of any intellectual property. 3. Do not violate the SSA. 4. Respect the intellectual property of others. Do not take credit for artwork that was not made by you. 5. Keep reposting to a minimum. If a submission isn't made by you, please check whether it has been posted on the sub already. 6. Blatant pornography will not be tolerated. If your content revolves around non-pornographic themes but includes pornographic assets, i.e. pin-up posters, in the scene, please mark it NSFW.


Official Source Filmmaker Links

> Website Developer Community Site Steam Community Hub Steam Community Group Workshop Twitter Facebook YouTube


Useful Third-Party Tools

> All of the following software are free to use

> Crowbar - Source engine model compiler/decompiler GCFScape - Source engine VPK package browser/extractor VTFEdit - Source engine material authoring and texture conversion BSPSource - Source engine map decompiler Blender, and by extension, Blender Source Tools - 3D modelling/animation software for custom asset creation in Source Filmmaker workflows Notepad++ - Text editor, used for model and material authoring in Source Filmmaker workflows


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