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>>>######Check for sources here first! - Make requests by using text posts! See the sidebar for more info!


> The dialogue, while often overlooked, is such a critical part of the modern pornographic film.

>With such a heavily saturated market, producers must rely on production value and storyline to continue to penetrate the adult market.

>We here at /r/SFWPornGifs appreciate the lost art of the story and decided to do something about it.


> 1) No nudity - safe for work content only

> 2) Do not spam asking for the source

> 3) Don't be a creep with post titles or in the comments. Comments including "for science", "sauce" or "." will be removed.

> 4) Do not put any site login credentials in the comments.

> 5) No reposts

>The mod team may remove posts/comments at their own discretion


> If you would like to request a captioned SFWPorn gif, please make a text post with [Request] in the title. In the description, link the video and the timestamps of the requested conversation/scene.

Reliable Hosts

> Please host your gif using one of the following: > imgur gfycat * picasa (googleusercontent)


> /r/gonecivil

> /r/wheredidthesodago

> /r/UnnecessaryCensorship

> /r/HighQualityGifs

> /r/reactiongifs

> /r/GfycatDepot

> /r/tipofmypenis

> /r/porn_plots ^new

> /r/pornreviews ^Coming ^soon!

> /r/pornlessporn ^new

> /r/DubbedGIFS ^new

> /r/GifAlbums ^new

> /r/WhatReallyHappened

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