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Make your own with this template. Don't be a lazy motherfucker - just open up paint and make some content.

If you are not the original creator of your submission, do not submit it. Thanks.

  • This isn't F7U12, and we plan to keep it that way.
  • This certainly isn't fucking dolan.
  • The comics don't have dialogue. The only text they have are labels on objects.
  • Don't use images from Google as backdrops for your comic. Comics should be mostly drawn. You can use images for small details or objects.
  • If you want to make a submission using web-screenshots, please use at least one of the panels in this template. (or make your own like it)
  • Keep it to the four panel layout.
  • Adding details to the fourth panel is OK. Replacing it entirely is NOT.
  • This isn't a Nazi playground.
  • We'll delete your submission if it strays too far from the original.
  • If we delete your submission, we'll most likely tell you why. Don't take it personally - just try again, or not.
  • We won't remove submissions because they're "bad". It's up to you guys to downvote the garbage.
  • If you think a submission violates these rules and should be removed, flag it as spam and we'll look at it.

If you don't like this subreddit, feel free to downvote everything you see; but please, after that - leave.

If your submission gets caught in the spam filter, message us via the moderator mail.

Videos are not allowed, but here's one that's fitting.

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