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SNL irl

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For real life moments that feel like skits!


Reporter Fight!

SMALT: The worlds smartest salt dispenser

We're not racist

110 year old woman

Succulent Chinese Meal

Plane Crash


  1. Videos only- We don't want this to become a /r/nottheonion clone. However, meta discussion is fine.

  2. No Reposts- If it's one of the top 25 posts, or it's been posted in the last 3 months, don't repost it.

  3. Not skit like- It has to feel like it could be a skit. This sub is not just for videos of a reporter making a mistake. Videos should feel as if they could be a bit on SNL.

  4. IRL- Videos must be "in real life". If it's something semi scripted, (interview gone wrong, unintentionally funny commercial, etc.) that's fine, but the humor should be unintentional.

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