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Serious Discussion for Serious Folks

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SRSDiscussion is a moderated space for discussing social justice issues. Our goal is to foster a welcoming space for discussion, education, and respectful debate. If you do not, at minimum, understand and agree with basic feminist tenets and the concept of intersectionality, SRSDiscussion is not the sub for you.

Code of Conduct

>This includes posting guidelines and in-depth subreddit rules. Any post that is in bad faith, is not keeping with the ethos of this subreddit, or breaks site-wide rules will be removed, and users may be banned for similar violations.

If you see instances of rule-breaking, please hit the “report” button under the comment. Our mod team will be alerted and we’ll take care of it. If you need to contact us, you can send us a modmail.

Recommended Reading

Resource Compilation


Quick Rules

  • Assume good faith from other users and remain on-topic

  • No Circlejerking, keep it in /r/ShitRedditSays

  • Remain topical; simple questions should go to /r/SocialJustice101 or /r/SRSQuestions

  • Remain aware of how much space you’re taking up in a conversation

Posting Guidelines

  1. Title-only posts will be deleted

  2. Discussion posts must have discussion starters (a question on the topic)

  3. Posts discussing an event must contain a summary of said event, or link to the same

  4. Meta posts must first be cleared by the mods before posting

  5. Effortposts should be tagged with [EFFORT]; we invite users to send drafts to the mods before posting

  6. No self-promotion (even of charities!) without first being cleared by mods. This also applies to solicitations for research e.g. surveys, interviews

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