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SVExchange: Pokémon Shiny Value Hatching

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>Welcome to /r/SVExchange!

>Each Pokémon egg has a hidden four digit number associated with it, as does each trainer. If the number for the egg matches that of the trainer hatching it, the resulting Pokémon will be shiny!

>This subreddit is here so people can match those numbers and hatch shinies. If you're interested, proceed to the Quick Start guide to learn more!

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  1. No scamming, or cloning without permission.
  2. Post only appropriate threads. TSV/ESV check requests should go in the stickied Daily thread.
  3. You must set your flair and tag your threads.
  4. Be nice, and do not spam.
  5. When hatching an egg, do not do anything else. In generation 6, do not go offline.
  6. Do not expect tips.
  7. You are under no obligation to hatch or give eggs.
  8. Giveaways should not include hatch requests.
  9. Do not give away hacked Pokémon. This includes eggs which have had "quick hatch" cheats used on them.
  10. Do not leave inactive TSV threads open.

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