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Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes Subreddit

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  • Be polite and don't insult others. We have a zero tolerance policy towards disrespectful posts. Read more.

  • Follow Reddiquette.

  • Buying & Selling is not allowed.

  • All ally code sharing, team building advice, and guild recruitment must be done in the appropriate megathreads, and/or in /r/swgoh_guilds in the case of guild recruitment.

  • Posts must be directly related to Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes.

  • No meme/image macro or reaction GIF submissions. Please direct all dankness over to /r/SWGalaxyOfMemes.

  • Posts must be safe for work.

  • Any giveaways must be sanctioned by a moderator.

  • Don't spam, and remember the 1:10 rule when posting content.

  • Advertisements and referral links are not allowed without moderator approval.

  • Discussion of game hacks, cheats, and exploits will be removed. Additionally, witch-hunting of individual players or groups of players for any reason is not allowed. If you feel a player is cheating, hacking, or exploiting, please report them to EA/CG. Please see the full rules explanation for more details.

  • No tagging of developer reddit usernames directly / summoning a developer via username tag.

  • No low-quality/low-effort posts, including rants, goodbye posts, sob stories, RNG complaints, refund discussions, common bugs, and non-descript media. All image/video posts must have a brief, specific description in their title. See the full rules explanation for more details.

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