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Wk|Date|Time|TV/Result||Opponent :-:|:-:|:-:|:-:|:-:|:-: 1|9/11|12:00p|35-34|L| 2|9/18|12:00p|13-16|L| 3|9/26|6:30p||vs| 4|10/02|2:25p||@| 5|||BYE|| 6|10/16|12:00p||vs| 7|10/23|12:00p||@| 8|10/30|12:00p||vs| 9|11/6|2:05p||@| 10|11/13|12:00p||vs| 11|11/17|6:25p| |@| 12|11/27|12:00p||vs| 13|12/04|12:00p||vs| 14|12/11|12:00p||@| 15|12/18|2:05p||@| 16|12/24|12:00p||vs| 17|1/1|12:00p||@|

NFC South Standings

Team|W-L|Conf|Div|PF|PA|STRK :---|:-:|:-:|:-:|:-:|:-:|:-: |0-2|0-1|--|47|51|L2 |1-1|1-1|1-0|38|64|L1 |1-1|0-1|0-1|59|59|W1 |1-1|--|1-0|66|48|W1

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