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Welcome to r/SampleSize, a community dedicated to scientific, fun, and creative surveys produced for and by redditors! We know the sidebar is long, but it is informative - please give it a read!

This community is welcoming; hate speech and abusiveness will never be tolerated. Offenders will be banned at the discretion of the mods.


Titles must be properly formatted.

> [Tag] Topic (Demographic)

> If your title doesn't match up with the guidelines it will be removed.

>> Here are some examples:

>> * [Casual] Favorite Ice Cream (US 18+) [Results] What do you take in your coffee (Canadians 19-37) [Academic] Handedness (All welcome)

>> Here are the pieces of the title:

>> [Tag] - [Casual], [Academic], or [Marketing] for surveys. [Meta] for discussion of survey methodology. [Results] for posts sharing the results of a previously posted survey. Choose only one tag.

>> Topic - Topic of your survey ("survey for my english class" is not an adequate description).

>> (Demographic) - Who you want to answer your survey; age, country, characteristics, etc. Let potential respondents know whether they should participate (required even if your survey is open to everybody).

>> If you're confused about the rules, message the moderators and ask questions!


> Please feel free to repost your survey after 24 hours have passed, AND it has fallen off of the front page.

>> Please add [Repost] to your original title to prevent getting duplicate respondents. It'll look like this:

>> [Repost][Casual] Favourite Colour? (All)

>> If you repost when your survey is still on the front page, or within 24 hours of your last post, it will be removed. Please remember to repost within reason.

Gender / Sex

> When asking about gender or sex, include "another gender" and/or a "fill in the blank" option if your demographic is for (Everyone).

>> This helps with data integrity, and it also helps with inclusion. More people than you might think would fill out "other" on a gender question! If you are strictly interested in only people who identify as Male or Female, make sure you use (M/F) in your demographic.

Race / Ethnicity

> If you are asking about race and/or ethnicity in your survey, please know the differences between them.

>> Race refers to physical characteristics that one shares with other people of one's race, while ethnicity refers to one's culture and traditions. If you mix these up, you once again may run into data integrity issues!

Ethical implications and consent

> Don't forget to consider ethical implications and consent for your research.

>> If you require signed consent from a moderator before posting your survey, feel free to message the moderators and we would be happy to help you out.

Commenting and Behaviour

> Please refrain from soliciting participants in the comments section of other surveys.

>> The discussion section for each thread is for comments about that survey. If you see people doing this, feel free to report the comment, and we'll remove it and talk to them about it.

Flair for Posts

You can tag your surveys as [Casual] [Academic] or [Marketing] and then people can search on them!




Everybody likes to see survey results! If you are able to post the results of your survey, please use a [Results] tag on that post, and please use link flair on your results. Just click on the "flair" link underneath your post to get this dialog box and select "Results".

We are now awarding user flair for those who take the time to post some interesting results. If you posted prior to the implementation, or if we missed your results post, message the mods with a link to your results submission.

Show Results


Self Post vs. Survey

> Post your survey using a survey tool instead of merely asking a question in a text-only post. People are more likely to respond!

>> Data, thanks to user telekinetic!

We've made a list of commonly used survey tools in our wiki to give you some ideas of resources you can use to make surveys. We make no guarantees or endorsements for any of these!

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