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Savage Garden: For carnivorous plant loving Redditors

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Talk about and share information and photos of carnivorous plants!

Feel free to contact the moderators if you have any website or other suggestions! We sometimes miss dead links, so contact us if any of these links stops working!

Please keep all posts on topic. Any posts that are not relevant to carnivorous plants will be removed.

General Info:

Our Official Discord Server


International Carnivorous Plant Society

Carnivorous Plant FAQ

Carnivorous Plant Photo Finder

Resources from Tom's Carnivores

Meadowview Biological Research Station


[Carnivorous Plant Resource] (

Sales, Trading, and Giveaways

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Growing Venus Flytraps

[Basic Care] (

[Dormancy] (

[Propagation] (

Growing VFT from seed

Growing Pitcher Plants

[Basic Care] (

[Dormancy] (

Growing Sundews

[Basic Care] (

[Dormancy] (

[Propagation] (

Growing Nepenthes

[Basic Care Sheet] (

Altitude/Temperature Chart

Nepenthes Around the House

[Growing UHL Nepenthes in a chest freezer] (

Growing Cephalotus

[Basic Care] (

[Propagation] (

Growing Heliamphora


[Basic Care] (

Carnivorous Plant Societies

/r/SavageGarden's List of Carnivorous Plant Societies

Online Carnivorous Plant Forums

/r/SavageGarden's List of Carnivorous Plant Forums

Buy Carnivorous Plants

/r/SavageGarden's List of Carnivorous Plant Vendors

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