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Movie | Date | Links :--|:--|:--: Once Upon A Time At Christmas (VOD) | Dec 1| Trailer / IMDB The Shape Of Water | Dec 8 | Trailer Kaleidoscop (VOD) | Dec 8 | Trailer / IMDB K-Shop (VOD) | Dec 12 | Trailer Desolation (VOD) | Dec 15 | Trailer Hangman | Dec 22 | Trailer Creep 2 (Netflix) | Dec 23 | Trailer Jeepers Creepers 3 (VOD) | Dec 26 | Trailer Mayhem (VOD) | Dec 26 | Trailer


Movie | Date | Links :--|:--|:--: Psycopaths (VOD) | Jan 2 | Trailer The Houses October Built 2 (VOD) | Jan 2 | Trailer Devil's Gate (VOD) | Jan 5 | Trailer Day of the Dead: Bloodline (VOD) | Jan 5 | Trailer Insidious: The Last Key | Jan 20 | Trailer God Particle | Feb 2 | Halloween | Oct 19 | Island of the Dolls | 2018 | Slice | 2018 | Trailer / IMDB


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