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/r/ScenesFromAHat, where everything's made up and the points don't matter

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  1. To get an idea of how the game Scenes From a Hat is played, watch a few real playings from Whose Line. Responses that don't act out a scene will be removed.


Good evening everybody and welcome to /r/ScenesFromAHat, the subreddit where everything's made up and the points don't matter. That's right, the points are like steak sauce in India.

This subreddit brings the game Scenes From a Hat from the improv comedy show Whose Line is it Anyway? to Reddit for everyone to let out their inner comedian!


The title of your post is the prompt. The key to a good, successful prompt is a topic that's original, easy for most people to understand, and invites more than one or two good responses.

This wiki page contains informal guidelines on types of prompts to avoid submitting. Please follow it the best you can.

Reposts and spinoffs of recent prompts will be removed. Esoteric and overly-specific prompts will also be removed.

Click to hide "but not your SO" prompts.

Click to hide NSFW prompts.

Click to hide political prompts.

How to respond

Act out your response as if it were a scene. If the prompt is "Worst Christmas gifts", don't just say "Coal"; act out a scene of someone unwrapping it. Use italics to show actions, if necessary. | [more]

Quotation marks are not necessary for a proper response. | [more]

Responses or examples to your own prompts should go in the comments, not the text box. | [more]

Multiple responses to one prompt go in their own separate comments. This includes "alternate" responses. | [more]

Top-level comments that are not scene responses, such as discussion about the prompt/topic, should begin with a [Meta] tag. The tag is not required in child comments or in comments on meta posts, and may not be used to avoid acting out a scene. | [more]

Commonly used responses

Some responses are overused in attempts to gain a few free upvotes. Although this alone is not grounds for removal, it can wear out the joke very quickly. Please try your best to avoid responding with:

  • "Have you tried turning it off and on again?"

  • "Something something Donald Trump sucks."

  • "Pineapple doesn't belong on a pizza."

  • "Did you just assume my gender?"

  • walks onto stage, walks off

  • Fart jokes.

The meta stuff

  • This subreddit is not affiliated with Whose Line? or the CW.

If you have any questions, concerns, or ideas to improve the subreddit, feel free to message the mods or submit a meta post.

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