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This reddit is for requesting and sharing specific articles available in various databases.

Requests for help with finding sources for your research will be removed. Look around a bit before posting.

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Are you requesting? READ THIS.

  • Chances are high that the article you are looking for is already available! Search using the article's DOI in the Library Genesis database. If you don't know the DOI, paste the title into Crossref. Also, be sure to search Sci-Hub first before requesting here.

  • If your article is not already available via Libgen, be sure to provide us a link to the paywalled article. If you can't find one, tell us you tried.

  • Flair your post as Found once it's found.

  • If the request isn't urgent, please try an interlibrary loan (ILL) first. ILL avoids potential copyright issues and lets libraries know which subscriptions are useful.

  • Fulfill some requests while you wait for yours!

Are you fulfilling?

  • Please be aware of copyright issues and Fair Use Copyright.

  • To share files, dropcanvas and zippyshare are free and reliable.

  • Be aware that many journal sources embed identifying information into the PDF.

  • Thanks for helping your fellow scholars!

In an effort to encourage the free distribution of knowledge, please also consider using these open access links for your research:

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If you hold the rightful copyright to any material that is linked here, please message the moderators if you would like to have the material removed.

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