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A subreddit dedicated to the Love Live! School Idol Festival game!

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Love Live! School Idol Festival is a mobile rhythm game available on iOS & Android.

All SFW content regarding SIF is welcome here!

Are you new to the game? Check out The SIF Index or for in-depth guides.

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  • Trades are not allowed in this subreddit. If you're looking to trade your account, try /r/SIFTrades!
  • Made any renders, wallpapers, icons, or card edits? Post them in /r/LoveLiveCustoms!
  • See /r/LoveLive for more Love Live! content outside of SIF. Non SIF-related posts will be redirected there.

Thank you /u/kachx for our current banner!

Rules Summary

Full version of the rules are available here and take precedence over the summary below.

  1. Follow Reddiquette.
  2. If posting spoilers, tag them with spoiler tags.
  3. Things not directly related to SIF are not allowed on this subreddit. Don't post them.
  4. Do not trade or sell your accounts and codes here.
  5. Do not beg. Offenders will be warned, then banned.
  6. Don't share downloads/torrents of music/dramas. Links will be removed. Please support the original artists.
  7. Post sources to all fan-made art not created by you. If you don't know who the original artist is, don't post it. Sourcing Guide.
  8. Questions, Luck Posts, and most Event posts go into their respective megathreads.
  9. Custom graphics based on ingame assets, (eg. wallpapers/fan edits) should go to /r/LoveLiveCustoms
  10. Please read our Giveaway Guidelines.
  11. No NSFW content. Decide for yourself what's appropriate.
  12. Posts must be flaired properly!

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