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The Sci Fi Scroll

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Our mission is to provide genre news to the community on a regular basis.

We believe in making it easy for our subscribers to learn of the latest breaking developments of the day and week in one place, including links to original content by our head moderators.

The science fiction genre is rich, versatile, and full of imagination. It enables its audience to think outside the box and consider new and different possibilities, but as a subreddit we don't stop there.

We also include Fantasy and Horror news as well.

So whether it be "Star Trek," "Star Wars," "Game Of Thrones," "The Strain" or "The Walking Dead," we cover all of it and strive to provide our readers with a wealth of information they might otherwise miss amidst going about their daily routines.

We also think it's important to provide occasional news about the latest breakthroughs in Science and Technology, giving our subscribers a real-world view of science fiction becoming reality.

Bloggers, feel free to post links to articles on your sites that follow the guidelines above. We ask that you post no more than one link per day and also that you frequently post links to other sci fi / fantasy articles and also participate in the comments and discussions. We would like r/SciFiScroll to be a place where bloggers can promote their own material and ask only that you are regularly involved with building and supporting our community.

IF YOU REPORT A LINK, message the moderators as to why. Otherwise we will just approve it.

If you submit a link and it doesn't show up, just message the moderators and we will take a look at it.

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Left out in the Cold unfortunately, to be featured more prominently in a later banner at some point:
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Please message the moderators if necessary about any corrections having to do with the above mentioned artists.

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