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Stunning Scientific Images

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A showcase for stunning scientific images in any field.


  • Images must be properly sourced.

  • Images must be properly sourced. People worked hard to produce these images. Please respect that by crediting the authors or team that produced them.

  • Graphs and diagrams are welcome. Preferably with commentary or explanation in the comments.

  • Animations and videos are welcome as well.

  • Psuedoscience, nonscience, and posts of poor quality will be removed.

  • Be friendly.

How do I properly source an image?

  • Option 1: Direct image link. Post a comment linking to the article or webpage where it appears.

  • Option 2: Link to article or webpage where the image appears.

  • Option 3: For original content, comment on the circumstances and techniques for how the image was produced.

  • If the article or webpage is not hosted by the original author, the webpage must contain the original author's information.

  • Extra points for quoting the author's information in the comments.

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